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Convert GDS Data into e-mail

The e-mail engine of TravelCase converts your GDS data into an e-mail.

Template gallery

With this feature you can customize your own template. A template consist out of blocks, for example:
  • An opening block at the start
  • GDS info in the middle
  • A closing block at the end
  • A personal signature
TravelCase delivers you the blocks with GDS information. You can customize the layout of these blocks, create your own opening block for the start of your e-mail and close your e-mails with a personal signature. These self-customized templates give your company a professional look.

Smart scenarios

As a travel agent you have to take many things into account when sending an e-mail. Do you need to send visa information for one of the destinations? Do you need to send information about vaccinations? Do you need to include carrier specific information?

The smart scenario engine can take care of all these rules. For example, you create a scenario that applies when any flight segment in the GDS data has an arrival airport in the USA. This scenario can be a trigger for a block with ESTA information to be included in the e-mail.

Smart fields

Smart fields give you the possibility to configure TravelCase to meet your own requirements. For example, you can add fields to a company where you can store extra information about this company. The value of these fields can again be used as input for a scenario.

Travel requests

Travel requests give you information about:
  • Who is travelling, when, and where
  • What is the status of the request
  • Who is handling the request
  • Keep track of all communication about a travel request
  • Did the request result in a booking or not
  • Did you meet the service level agreement

Companies and contacts

TravelCase not only manages your e-mails it can also manage your relations and contacts.

Document management

With this feature you have the possibility to upload files and relate them to a travel request, company, contact or task.


Manage your tasks in TravelCase.


This feature gives you the possibility to add notes to your travel requests, tasks or customers.

Incoming e-mail

Apart from sending, TravelCase can also receive e-mails. They can be connected to a travel request manually or automatically, when they are a reply to an e-mail that was send from TravelCase.

Activity log

Who has done what and when? The activity log gives you insight in the activity of the users.


TravelCase provides valuable statistical information, for example:
  • About the number of requests per customer
  • About the request-to-book ratio
  • If the agreed service levels are met